Review of ‘The City Darkens’ by Sophia Martin

The City Darkens by Sophia Martin is everything one would want in a fantasy, decopunk world (and I had to look up what decopunk really was). It creates a whole new world where robots run rampant with a roaring 20’s backdrop. Sophia’s writing style brings it all to life in the mind’s eye without being overbearing on the senses.

Throw in a dystopian regime which eventually shows signs of giving way to Nazism, a Norse theme by which society and religion are governed, a very mature outlook on both feminism and sexuality, The City Darkens has a tight grip on exactly what kind of message it’s trying to convey.

Not only the world, but the main character, Myadar, is brilliantly crafted as one of the best-written heroines I’ve seen in a very long time. Myadar is a woman. Just that. Sophia doesn’t make any distinction about what ‘category’ Myadar fits into. She just is. And I loved that; a refreshing step back from how women are traditionally written.

Perfectly paced to, quite literally, keep you turning the pages. I devoured the book in a day. I was reading before work, at work, and when I got home from work. To make it better, Sophia ended the novel with a cliffhanger that was infuriating and oh-so-tantalizing. I smell a sequel? I can only hope.

Also, I worked very hard to keep this concise; there’s so much to go on about it’s not even funny.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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