Rise of the Dunamy, by James R. Landrum

Not quite what I expected, but then that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Overall I enjoyed the basic idea of the plot and found myself really wondering what Sofia was going to do with the choice presented to her. It was relatively well-written, and I enjoyed the writing style, even if the long-winded explanations over something in her past tended to break the readers attention from the story and was not always be relevant.
I did have a few problems with the way things played out, however. First: things moved entirely too fast. The author focuses on the fact that Sofia has had all incredibly violent relationships…and I mean all of them, which is fine if that’s how the author wants to set up her character, but things need to be kept consistent. She is described as very job-oriented, careful and wary, but then she gives in so easily to a whirlwind romance that I find it hard to believe that she would simply change herself that much…especially as a highly trained and regarded police officer.
I also did not enjoy how much emphasis was placed on how beautiful and sexy Sofia was but she just ‘didn’t know it.’ It seemed like every time a blurb came up about her past, that was the underlying theme…which is one of the reasons why I have a hard time with female protagonists.
In regards to the romance, again things happened too fast. Huge secrets given up in less than a week? If only that level of trust could be found.
Even with all that (and a few other things), I was still drawn to the story. I think with a bit of polishing and maybe some slow down on how the plot plays out, Rise of the Dunamy could be a wonderful series. 
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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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