Unreliable Histories, by Rob Gregson

Unreliable Histories by Rob Gregson is a hilarious, beautiful, tongue-in-cheek rewrite of the fantasy genre. Gregson pokes fun at (but not in a malicious manner) everything from naming the lands, the economies of the cities, the traditional layout of how quests (think Skyrim or DnD) are completed. The author manages to touch on just about every stereotype the fantasy genre has to offer.

The narrator does a beautiful job of engaging the readers as he spins Myrah and Al’s quest to find the Index, and why everyone is now trying to hunt them down. Just enough disinformation is contained until one specific moment, and then the tales grows bigger. Throw in a bit of mysterious time-travel, magic and wizards, as well as wonderful character development, and you have possibly one of the most entertaining reads the fantasy genre has to offer.
In addition, the author focuses on having Myrah solve these mysteries with her intellect rather than cutting a bloody swatch through hordes of enemies (that job falls to Al). It’s like a breath of fresh air as Myrah discovers more and more about her past (without throwing it into your face).
Fans of comedy, fantasy (casual or otherwise) will not be disappointed with this brilliantly spun tale. And the best part? There’s a sequel: The Endless Land. 
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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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