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Eaten was a hilarious metaphor for the constant struggle between eating right and eating what’s convenient. The war on the vegetable kingdom has taken a drastic turn because a handful of vegetables have finally had enough! They’re tired of being hunted and living in poverty–so it’s time to strike back. False propaganda perpetrated by Sodius (a giant salt cloud) and his fellow Gourmans (living cheeseburgers and french fries, ect…) have quelled the human race by making them fat and complacent, unable to really think for themselves (sounds familiar, doesn’t it?) The Gourmans encourage the war on the vegetables by promising the humans an instant, perfect solution to their obesity.

Fast-paced, with plenty of action, awesome dialogue, and some startling moments, Eaten was, I think, well-written propaganda in favor of eating better–not shoving a vegetarian lifestyle down your throat. Eaten is also meant to be taken with a grain of salt (see what I did there?). The goofiness that runs rampant in the book sets the right mood for believing in walking celery stalks.The characters were all unique, different, and though working together, constantly learning new things about each other. As a reader, you are drip-fed information about each individual throughout the book rather than all background information right up front, which worked well with the pace of the book and didn’t overwhelm the senses.

Unfortunately, there was an attempt at throwing some romance in there that really didn’t belong. It was awkward, and clunky, and maybe done a little differently it could have added to the story. However, it is something that you forget about almost instantly as the action and the climax of the story continue right for you. Looking forward to seeing what else this author puts out.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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