Fate’s Exchange, by Sasha Leigh


“Fate’s Exchange” is a novel full of love, heartache, sorrow, and so much more.

Not even at the very beginning does this feel like the “coming of age” tale that most Young Adult novels seem to embrace, which was absolutely wonderful. It was more like a teenage version of “Groundhog Day”…only with more, you know, death and dying. And quite a bit of philosophy.

The author spun a tantalizing tale of second chances, what it means to really be a good person, as well as calling upon certain tropes of mythology. If I interpreted things right, it was a blend of both Greek and Christian mythology, and it was absolutely seamless. It played directly into the plot and served as the undercurrent to keep the narrative moving. Although with that undercurrent, I do think that when the romance aspect of the novel popped up, things moved almost too quickly. Everything else was well-paced, however.

I’m not usually big on female protagonists: even women writing women seem to just get them…wrong. I have to say that I fell in love with Alyssa Frank and her unique position in life. She was well-written, well-rounded, and she gives you a lump in your throat when you become privy to everything she has to endure. You read on to the end and then the author gives you something even more tantalizing: a really huge cliffhanger designed to make you toss your book in frustration and weep because the next one has yet to be released.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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