Ice Cream Man, by Evan Bollinger


Ice Cream Man was a very different read. It combined all the weird parts horror and strange in precisely the right ways to make the tale itself rather chilling and grotesque.

That being said, I wasn’t overly thrilled with the characterization as the novel progressed. Lacey, the main protagonist, started out with such wonderful potential! She was a hard-working, single mother getting on with her life after her husband’s death. Then her life is turned sideways when her house catches fire and leaves them homeless. It gets even worse when her youngest is landed in the hospital.

Cue in the obligatory, boring, no-chemistry romance. The way the romance was introduced, carried out, and the eventual climax (pun intended) was so obtrusive and unnecessary to the story that I actually had to put it down for a brief period. Lacey, though she was the main protagonist, wound up second-fiddle to saving the day. So, so disappointing.

As individuals, I loved the characters. They were all uniquely different from one another, with their own flaws, fears, dreams, and desires.

The plot itself (the real one, the main one) was actually carried out in an excellent way. The first half was actually a gripping page-turner, because the author dangled just enough hints, and placed them with intent to keep your craving more. The ending was surprisingly pretty awesome, mostly because it was not at all what you’d expect from this genre.

Ice Cream man wasn’t a bad read, it just had some bad elements to the story. Overall I did like it, and it’s definitely worth reading once.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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