Memory Closet, by Ninie Hammon


Follow Anne as she struggles to regain the bits of her past that she’s lost, and work hard to not question your own sanity as she slowly starts losing hers.

Ninie Hammon created Anne as an identifiable character who is not only trying to overcome something so tragic and traumatic that it erased everything up until she was 11, but she also works to overcome her own social anxieties and shortcomings that we, as people, deal with every day. It’s not all tears and heartache, however, as Anne provides her own bit of comic relief in the telling of her story, but also her endearing grandmother, Bobo. Her quirks and conversations really serve to lighten the mood.

The plot is drip-fed to the reader at critical points, and just when you think you know what’s going on (just like Anne) WHAM, there’s something more to it. The story unfolds like a graceful origami animal that sinks it’s teeth in and doesn’t let go. It starts off slow, but once it gets going, you’d better keep up.

But it here!

Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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