The Dark Communion, by Joey Ruff


Brilliantly written, witty, action-packed, and just one of those novels that you can’t put down. Ruff takes you on a heavy emotional ride as Jonothan Swyftt attempts to not only overcome his inner demons, but external ones as well. And by that, I mean literally. Demons, monsters, things that go bump in the night, legends, fables, fairy-tales…The Dark Communion quite possibly touches on it all and everything is so well-researched that you want to think Ruff himself has had some run-ins with these creatures. If I’m being perfectly honest, it’s incredibly difficult to classify this novel in one genre, as it spreads vast wings over several of them; there’s a little something for everyone inside. Pull that together with wonderfully crafted, well-rounded and believable characters, this is a series that has the spark to go incredibly far.

Buy it here!


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