The Healer, by Jeffrey G. Roberts


As I finished reading, I found myself in the thrall of a few conflicted feelings.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The author created an astounding world and took on the idea of time travel with a completion that few can. He managed to bring things full circle in a way that made sense, as well as not leaving any obvious loose ends.

The writing style was definitely different and it took a few chapters to get used to. It was direct and to the point. Most of the action was told through dialogue which is something that, when used in the right place, can really amplify a story. However, I felt that in certain places more description was needed. We get a moderate amount of description when it comes to major settings, but that was about it. Without description, the reader also fails to connect with the characters on an emotional level; so while I was drawn to the characters’ stories, I was also able to distance myself when things started going awry.

“The Healer” really is a wonderfully woven tale, and plot is a huge strength of the author. There are certainly some areas to be improved upon, much like any author, but it won’t leave you feeling empty inside.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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