Hidden in the Dark, by RaShell Lashbrook

4_24_17 Hidden in the Dark



If you’re ready for an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride, look no further.
Hidden in the Dark tells the tale of three sisters that discover their family secrets.
The tone is immediately set when we open with a man beating his wife. It wasn’t much before she decided to up and leave. Conflict’s established right off the bat. Accepting the author’s hook is a no-brainer: it promises lots of drama.
And it delivers. Through the eyes of each character this tale unfolds. Raine, Randi, Lilly, and Genevieve all tell their sides of the story. Each one weaves another layer to the fabric of this story. It works itself like a puzzle, coming together piece by piece. Three sisters start to remember bits of the awful things their father did. And for some, they learn some new things about themselves.
There is conflict everywhere. But each battle is important to either the characters or the narrative. It pushes the characters along in their development. And there was so much character development. So much drama, but so necessary. It leaves the reader hanging on every word, wanting more and more. All the information is spoon-fed to the reader in such slow, small increments. Such wonderful execution is an art form in and of itself.
While story pacing is excellent, the way the chapters break is frustrating. Chapters would end, only to pick up where they left off in the very next one. It never failed to pull me out of the story because I’m expecting something different.
There was some graphic sex in the novel—most of which was well-written. The author did a better job than most. And it served a purpose to the narrative.
I love the way the author takes the characters’ lives in different directions. Hidden in the Dark touches on varying coping methods. Some healthy, some not. Some expected, some not. By the end, the readers experience an entire spectrum of aftermaths—both good and bad. I loved the fact that not everyone had a happy ending. Leaving such a raw, emotional feeling must have been difficult for the author. But it complimented the rest of the novel so well. Everything fit. Everything felt right. Loose ends were well taken care of.
Hidden in the Dark touches on such sensitive subjects, but does so with tact and grace. It’s a wild ride from both start to finish. This author is one to keep an eye out for.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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