Woofed Cookies, by Greg Bauder

4_30_17 Woofed Cookies


Aimed at teens, Woofed Cookies reads more like it’s geared towards small kids. The writing style is super-simplistic.


True to its name, Woofed Cookies is about a dog named Cookie that saves its owner by vomiting everywhere. Alright. That’s…unique. Young Peter manages to get himself into sticky situations. Of course, little Cookie comes to his rescue each time. The relationship between dog and owner was cute.


Structure was off. Paragraphs needed better breaks between subjects. Instead, they were all lumped together in one long-winded piece of exposition. Some editing should take care of the grammar and punctuation issues. Characterization was alright. They were all straight-forward and easy to identify without much problem.


The story itself progresses along in a believable, logical manner. All the way until the end. I have so many issues with the last “problem” that Peter encounters. To me it feels like a bad plot hole in a horror movie that makes the reader roll with it. Another route would have definitely been preferable.


This could be a cute book for little kids. It demonstrates that something considered a hindrance (vomiting) can still be useful. Not everyone’s disability keeps them down. So, the positive message was there, the execution needs some work.


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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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