Hidden Tribe, by Scott Harper and Desiree Lee

5_7_17 Hidden Tribe

4 stars

“Scientific expedition to document aboriginal tribe” is the vibe Hidden Tribe gives off.
Except with Sasquatches.
An entire family, even.
Narrated from the perspective of Sasquatches, the authors take on a unique challenge. How to describe a culture foreign to them without sounding silly? The main Sasquatch, Iktomi, does a decent job of that as he struggles to keep his family safe. From there, he’s determined to keep an eye on these strange humans. Iktomi tracks and observes, narrating to us like an Animal Planet host. Okay, not quite that far, but the roles of humans and Sasquatches do get reversed. Though, it’s still the humans on the hunt for the elusive creatures. Some with good intentions, some not so much.
Each character has their own agenda, and Iktomi is witness to this all. The writing style, for the most part, covers this well. Iktomi’s determination to keep an eye on humans allows him to move around. He tracks the characters as they go about their subplots. A multitude of personalities gives life to a few different stories.
Description was short and to the point, much as you would expect from this type of novel. There was little time for flowery language, given the fact that Iktomi tries to be an observer. Grammar and punctuation were pretty solid. Hidden Tribe manages to find a good setup for pacing. Geared towards giving the right amount of information, paragraphs and sentences were well-constructed. It doesn’t feel like it’s too drawn out with exposition, but neither is it action-packed in every sequence.
Given that, the writing did an okay job with creating tension. Humans are always fighting. Through circumstance, they manage to be on the Sasquatches’ tails the entire time. The author makes the creatures different, but still similar enough to humans. Theories and legends surrounding Sasquatch allow for these similarities. It never feels like the story is trying too hard, or stretching the imagination.
Hidden Tribe was an interesting idea. I liked that a lot. Most often we see humans hunting Big Foot, but never do we get to see the Sasquatches’ side of the story. The authors managed to create a cryptid hook, and it refused to let go. I’m a big fan of this idea. The writing style suited the novel, even if it felt dry in some areas. From beginning to end, everything flowed well, made sense, and loose ends tied up. Couldn’t ask for a whole lot more.
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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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