Didn’t Get Frazzled, by David Z. Hirsch, MD

5_8_17 Didn't Get Frazzled


After watching Scrubs, I never thought I’d find medical media that even compared. Any time the practice gets involved, it’s dark and angsty. Or nothing but unending drama. Scrubs was different in that, at its core, it remained lighthearted and goofy. Of course, there was drama and angst, but it wasn’t the main theme of the show.


Didn’t Get Frazzled strikes me as very similar.


Seth Levine takes us on his journey as a medical student. His story get split between the years, allowing the readers to navigate the passage of time with ease. To be honest, I took one look at the chapter titles and knew I was in for quite the story.


I was not disappointed.


Everything that Seth goes through as a student serves as another life lesson. Except he never lets it get him down. He has a dark sense of humor, much like his fellows, and it serves as a coping mechanism. Didn’t Get Frazzled’s told through first person and still maintains a voice that is all Seth.


There’s heavy medical jargon, as one would expect. However, the author knows his stuff (I would hope…MD’s attached to the name). I never felt lost. Given the fact that Seth is a student, we learn things alongside him. With clever plot tricks and context clues, the author helps readers understand everything. For the most part, it doesn’t assume anything. I felt comfortable reading it, regardless of my level of medical knowledge. Nor did I ever felt stupid for not knowing anything. Seth and the others routinely make mistakes.


Flawed characters are prevalent throughout. All their flaws are story-related, and in line with their character development. Each character felt three-dimensional–the minor ones included. It feels like the same amount of thought and effort went into the background characters as the main.


Description was wonderful. There was never that threshold of “too much” versus “too little.” There wasn’t information overload. By that, I mean wherein the author takes three pages to describe a characters’ backstory. It creates pause in the narrative instead of allowing the reader to get to know the character in stages. There was also some obvious diversity in the cast. And they’re never treated as negative stereotypes. Everyone has value.


Didn’t Get Frazzled has a lot to offer, including its own little positive message. Life’s going to have curveballs. There’s going to be ups and downs. Sometimes you have no control over a situation. The difference is what you do with it. An excellent read.


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