Quest of the Golden Apple, by Geoffrey Angapa

5_9_17 Quest for the Golden Apple


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Tolkien and Lewis Carroll wrote a book? Not just any book, but a fairytale. The Quest of the Golden Apple shows us exactly how awesome that would be.
Now, there is quite a bit of editing that needs doing. Paragraphs are super-long, and have multiple characters talking in them at once. The occasional punctuation and grammar mix-up. The sentence structure is long, too, but it sets the right tone and pace for the story.
From talking animals to elves, Geoffrey’s quest leads him all across the land. It reads almost like the Hobbit. It has flowery prose paired with an older type of language. It has elements of more modern times, yet medieval characteristics. Kings and princesses amidst the existence of London and Tokyo.
The sequence of events is creative. For what it was, I don’t have questions left unanswered. Character development is palpable. Not only are stereotypes for men and women broken, but also for the main character. Geoffrey learns many lessons throughout his journey. In turn, the readers learn lessons–positive ones, at that. The journey that we start on won’t always go our way. What’s important is how we adapt, refocus. I would love to read this again once edits happen.
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