Dating in the Apocalypse: Sarah “The One” (Book 1), by Christopher John Chater

5_13_17 Dating in the Apocalypse

4 stars

I’ll be honest: I had my doubts about how this was going to turn out.


After a date gone wrong, Tom Collins goes another day without the love of his life. Or does he? And, let’s be real, who is he to define ‘bad date’ in the middle of an apocalypse?


A lot of thought went into Dating in the Apocalypse. There’s quite a bit of backstory to unveil in a such a short space. There needs to be enough information given about characters. The author succeeded. The right environment is present. We have enough of an idea as to what apocalypse they enjoyed, as well as the state of the rest of the area. Tom and co. feel well-rounded. They’re likeable characters. My apprehensions of the ‘damsel in distress’ trope was effectively dismissed. The women were very well-written.


The writing style complimented the tone of the novel. I love the creativity that went into crafting the narrative. While, yes, it is an apocalyptic novel, it strays a little from the tried-and-true formula. Those little strays make a big difference in separating this from the rest. Well, that and the premise of the story itself, which was unique.


Action-packed, character-driven apocalypse. I wonder if they’ll ever make a game show out of this?


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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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