An Incredible Talent for Existing (A Writer’s Story), by Pamela Jane

5_14_17 An Incredible Talent for Existing



One of the most encouraging things someone can hear is how late someone achieved their dreams. They didn’t wake up at the age of 23-24 with a degree in hand and their foot inside the door. Nor did they know what they wanted to do until well past that. Or have encouragement to do so. Yet, despite all that, the author still manages to achieve what they wanted.


As soon as I saw the title, An Incredible Talent for Existing, I knew I was in for something special. And I was. This book has more motivational potential than quite a few self-help books. The author recounts how their life derailed, and how they got it back on track. Except (because, you know, life) things don’t go as planned. It’s realistic, and it gives a lot of hope for other people who aren’t handed things on a silver platter. Now, that’s not to say that the author didn’t put in their fair share of hard work, but persistence pays offs. Being patient does as well. At least, within boundaries enough to not stall the journey.


Most importantly: it’s okay if it’s not happening now.


The author’s writing style complimented the story. It felt nostalgic, light, and airy. And hey, sometimes real life makes a much better story than things contrived.


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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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