The Wolfe Experiment, by R. W. Adams



If you’re looking for an adventure that doesn’t stop, then the Wolfe Experiment is for you.


Siblings Tilly and Ethan know they’re different. They’ve got powers no one else has. They made a pact not to tell anyone. Except people know. And that doesn’t bode well for the two youngsters. Given their ages, things do go a bit better than expected. But not by much.


The opening is well done. It immediately engages the reader and plants pleasant images in their head. Then it’s all downhill from there. The kids can’t catch a break. Their struggle is an emotional one, but also a mysterious one. Nothing is as it seems as they try to survive and cure themselves. Readers find their hearts breaking the longer things go on.


Characterization was fantastic. The kids felt like kids. They acted like kids and reacted like kids should. Both felt very different, and they had their own branching storylines. Minor characters were alive and well, all important to advancing the plot. And oh, boy. The plot was a tightly knit one. It made sense. It progressed well and in a logical manner. My only complaint was that Ethan’s situations got a little repetitive. So, for a while there, things got a little predictable. The situations themselves weren’t, but the actions and resolutions were. In spite of that, I see how they served to further the plot and pull the curtains back on the mystery.


The writing style fit the narrative. It was fast-paced, almost constant action. During the brief interludes, exposition and background information wound up presented. The story eased us into getting to know the characters. There was a lot of information to take in, but it never felt overwhelming. Things came full circle by the end. And boy did it end with the biggest, most perfect cliffhanger. It leaves the readers feeling hungry for more. It’s so frustrating, but in a good way. There’s questions that need answers, but it doesn’t leave the story incomplete. In fact, it sets thing up in a beautiful way for a sequel.


This was an awesome story from beginning to end. Well-crafted, thought out, and executed. The characters drove the story forward at all times. Not once did things feel convoluted or out of place. It was emotional. While predictable in some areas, it still managed to surprise and entertain. I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. There’s got to be a sequel…right?


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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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