A Merchant in Oria, by David Wiley

5_21_17 Merchant in Oria


Poor little Firion. All he wanted to do was establish himself in the markets of Oria. Once he gets there, he winds up embroiled in something of a mystery. And the receiving end of a fist.


This was a cute little novella. In such a short amount of time, the author manages to convey enough information that the world doesn’t feel flat. To be perfectly honest, the way it was set up made it read like a side quest in Skyrim. That helped with envisioning the setting. There was some interesting character development to be had. Some of it ended up entangled in the romantic subplot, but that honestly made it better.


I liked the steady progression of things. Characters felt alive and well. Description wasn’t exactly lacking, but it wasn’t heavy. It was a weird equilibrium where the reader can fill in the blanks. The writing style changed according to what was happening. It was long and fantastical for exposition. Short and sweet for everything else. Dialogue didn’t feel clunky.


A quick and easy fantasy read. It was cute, funny, and tied things up at the end. Characters and story were both engaging. It was a well-written, fairly original storyline.



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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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One thought on “A Merchant in Oria, by David Wiley”

  1. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this novella. I am glad you enjoyed it! It does have the feel of a sidequest in Skyrim, doesn’t it? Which is a really cool perspective toward it!

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