Spilt Coffee, by Greg Bauder

5_23_17 Spilt Coffee



One thing I’ve noticed with this author is that their themes are very obvious. They make common events become almost a tertiary character. Sometimes their causations feel like personality. Plot is directly affected by them–sometimes in simple ways, others unknown until later.


Much like Woofed Cookies, this had an interesting story. Dealing with schizoaffective disorder is no easy feat, but Glen and his buddies make the most of it. At least their nurse is hot, right?


There’s some editing needed. The writing felt clunky in some areas, both in the narrative and dialogue. The style and use of description seemed to fit the story. Given how short it was, the characters were pretty well done. There some adult content, and that needed a little help. Small action sequences like sex needed a different style of description than what it had.


Care’s demonstrated when it came to mental health topics. Character’s didn’t feel portrayed as the typical “crazy person,” as seen on TV. Symptoms were plot devices, but not to make fun of them.


It was a little weird in some places, but that fit with the tone of the story. With some extra editing, this could be pretty good all the way around.


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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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