The Long Road to Missouri, by Bowdoin

5_24_17 A Long Road.jpg



Indeed, it’s a Long Road to Missouri. Especially when you’re involved with another murder. Even after you’ve retired.


A fast-paced mystery that takes an assassin out of retirement. Not in a typical fashion, either. Embroiled in a mysterious race against time, Missouri Rhodes’ life gets more complicated.


I liked how this played out. There was such a short amount of time to get to know the characters. Because of that, there’s an onslaught of information. The narrative paces things well enough that it’s not overwhelming. I liked how the characters progressed through the story. Time jumped around a bit, but in a way that was clear. There was a mystery, and it was an unpredictable one. Things built up so fast that there wasn’t much time to try and guess the outcome. Character motivations and predispositions remain hidden enough that characters themselves remain a mystery.


The story was a rather unique one. There was plenty of action, and the writing was excellent. The writing style was concise, but still with plenty of description. Things were pretty clear in the readers’ eye. There was quite the cliffhanger left at the end. Is this the hint of a sequel? Or a full-length book? I want to know more–either would be fabulous.



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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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