Monoland: Into the Gray Horizon, by E. A. Minin

5_30_17 Monoland


An interesting take on death and the afterlife, Monoland offers a variety of contemplative subjects. When the reader first meets Owen, as he later calls himself, he’s dying. Once he crosses over, he offers up his thoughts on what death is. That’s a theme that continues on throughout the narrative. Owen’s otherworldly guide, a Reaper, adds her expertise to the mix. That makes life after death a bit more entertaining.
I liked the gray scale imagery. It aided the philosophical tone of the book. Characters that occupied Monoland helped the reader feel small in terms of the subject matter. Death is no laughing matter, but those that have already crossed over are coping.
There quite a bit of editing needed. Opting for hyphens instead of quotation marks for dialogue made the reading somewhat difficult. I get what style the author was going for, and it was an interesting idea to play with. However, without the right formatting it ended up being a hindrance. There was an awful lot of telling in the writing style.
Overall, Monoland wasn’t bad. There’s some more work needed on it. Life after death is always an interesting subject to read about. I enjoy it when novels challenge my current views on things.
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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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