Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted, by Angelina Kerner

5_31_17 Challenge Accepted

4 stars

This is one of the cuter romances I’ve read.


Chanel, a senator’s daughter, got a bodyguard for a gift after an altercation with reporters. I think we all know where this is going. And boy, I’m a sucker for that trope.


It was nice to see a novel that featured someone with a disability. Seven Hours: Challenge Accepted made use of the most common trope, but strayed enough to stay interesting. There’s not a whole lot I can critique about it, not having the disability myself. I will go so far as to say I thought Chanel was a well-written character.


Character interactions were my second favorite part. Dialogue was clunky and awkward in some places. The meaning got through easy enough, however. Character relationships changed and morphed at a nice pace with the plot. We didn’t learn about them all at once. Instead, we put them together piece by piece as the story unfolded.


Best of all, I didn’t mind how the relationship progressed. It didn’t feel like it moved too fast or too slow. It felt like a healthy relationship. That goes right back to how the characters interacted with each other.


I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this novel. I’m always overly-critical of romance, but this one surprised me enough that I really enjoyed it. I was only left with a few questions when everything was said and done, but I liked the way the ending played out. It really suited the narrative.


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