Blessedly Bound, by Lucretia Stanhope

A witchy tale of how to not meet family. Gwen Hensley moves to Kansas to find out why her grandmother died. She ends up finding out more than she bargained for, in more than one way.
Being the first novel in a series, it sets up an awful lot for later. Things start intense, then settle down the farther into the narrative the reader gets. Because it spends so much time setting up for the future, there’s a little less time devoted to the present. The reader gets a good grasp of the characters and backstory. However, things feel a little flat. An emotional connection with the characters wasn’t present. On the surface, the reader recognizes that the situation is a tragic one. The style and tone help that. There’s a dark, somber feel to it. The characters even have a dark, somber feel to them. Only, they get overshadowed by the divergent plot lines.
Each of the characters did have their own plot line. Their stories wound up intertwined, yet distinct. I liked that. There was lots of foreshadowing that created a good level of tension. The writing style overall was well suited to the narrative. The dialogue does get clunky in some areas.. It doesn’t flow like natural conversation. It did well to prevent telling the reader too much information at once. Gwen knows only as much as the reader, which helped to develop the mystery and the character interactions.
The unique situations of the character were a huge draw. There’s not a lot I can say without giving spoilers, but the sexual tension was insane. Most of the placement was good. Some of the progression left me scratching my head. Some of it could be the lacking character depth and back story.
I liked the way the magic was set up. A lot of times it’s overpowered and used as a convenience. The magic contained in this novel didn’t feel like that. It falls back on a popular trope, but maintains a different feel than most. I will admit I’m excited to see how the build-up comes to a head.
Not a bad read overall. The narrative is set up for big things to come, and I’m kind of excited to see where it goes. While the main story for this novel gets tied up at the end, there’s so many questions left for the future ones.
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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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