Moristoun, by Kevin McAllion

There are so many places I could start with my review of Moristoun. It was the kind of book that was so well put together that I want to talk about everything at once. It had such a good message.

Things in Moristoun aren’t quite what they appear. Between a lawyer and a man that’s given up, the little island holds two distinct meanings.

Alright. To the story. I already said how good it was, right? No? Well…it was great. It was the kind of story that set things up four chapters ahead of time, after snippets of foreshadowing. Once the reader caught onto what was happening, the sense of excitement and anticipation heightened. There was just enough information to cast a niggling doubt in the back of the readers mind that maybe they weren’t guessing right. So when the actual delivery came, it was still something of a surprise.

My first impression of the novel after reading one page was of Terry Pratchett and the Discworld series. The farther I got into it, the more it proved me right. The metaphors and imagery were so creative and appropriate. Off the wall and funny. They hit their meaning on the mark, all the while making a satirical jab at the subject matter. And boy, Are they hard to miss.

As someone who’s dealt closely with the overarching theme of the novel, I liked how it was handled. I liked the message and how it was weaved into the narrative. Sensitive subjects were handled with tact. The author manages to take something of a philosophical approach when world building. It integrates flawlessly with the story.

Characters were fabulous. There was so much depth to them, and they were all relatable one way or another. Their development was palpable and happened at appropriate points in the novel. While the tone of the novel seemed calm and peaceful, there was always the underlying threat of conflict. Both internal and external story lines contributed to the depth and realism. Nothing was ever perfect.

This is yet another I want to add to a list of “must-reads.” It was that good. Everything from character creation to world building was just so spot on. It wrapped up without leaving me questions or unsatisfied. It took a unique approach to a subject that people love to talk about, but rarely in a good context. Definitely add it to your reading list.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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