Burn Over, by R. D. Byron-Smith

Firefighting is a dangerous profession. One that already comes with a list of things to watch out for. Then, sometimes, life throws a wrench in things via the butterfly effect, one in which Burn Over captures in the most heartbreaking way. 

By following two stories that are reliant on one another, the author plays havoc with the readers’ emotions on two different levels. Two sides of life are explored, and the fact that no matter the intent, they can have a negative impact. In such a short amount of time, an excellent basis for characterization starts. The characters were sympathetic in their own right, each served a vital role in the plot. Their development throughout the story was noticeable. It served to give them a more three-dinensional dimensional feel.
It’s paced well. There’s a slow build, but once the climax hits, it hits hard. The resolution was rather fitting. Everything wrapped up nicely at the end. 

Burn Over took me to the Back Draft era, when raging fires were the most terrifying thing because many family members are firefighters. One of which is still active in–you guessed it–California. This hits hard on a personal level. Even without those personal ties this was an emotional story. Well done.
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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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One thought on “Burn Over, by R. D. Byron-Smith”

  1. My husband was a professional firefighter for 31 years and is now retired. It is nice to know that this novella gives this dangerous profession some much deserved recognition.

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