Assassin: The Killing Grounds, by Simon Corn

6_16_17 Killing Grounds



Becoming an assassin on the Killing Grounds isn’t easy. It’s merciless. Not just the training. Everything is a competition to be the best. Alara’s come to train with the best. Except–oops. The best goes missing.


The author did a wonderful job with the presentation of the Assassin’s Guild. In many ways, it felt different than traditional portrayal. While many stories tend to put emphasis on the importance of the Guild, lots of them fail to elevate that fact. Not so much this Guild. It serves many important purposes. They range from a setting, to a character itself.


There’s a few different story lines present. They’re unique to the characters, even though they’re intertwined. All of them are necessary to the plot and serve to push it forward. Alara, I’m very pleased to announce, managed to be female lead without an actual love story. She was fairly well-written, too. The fact that powerful women had positions of power, without being one extreme stereotype or another was awesome.


Action scenes weren’t bad. They weren’t wordy and flowy. Nor were they super-technical and dry. A nice medium existed between the two. Character motions and actions did get a little repetitive on occasion. I liked the way the character development played out, for the most part. There were times I felt things were a little too on the easy side for Alara. The ending certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. I liked the twists, but one of them came out of left field. A little foreshadowing would have helped the build-up and make the resolution a little cleaner.


Killing Grounds did a lot right in terms of story, development, and characters. There’s some polishing needed regarding the more technical aspects. Paragraphs felt clumped together weird and too long in certain areas. A lot of information came with those paragraphs, so breaking them up would make things easier to read. Sentences, especially towards the end, felt much the same as the paragraphs. The closer it got to the end, the more rushed things felt. There’s a lot happening at once, and some of it feels like chaos.


Sequels and follow-ups for the characters are in the works. I’m kind of excited for that. Even the supporting characters were interesting enough that I want to read their personal stories. Whether or not they follow the main plot of Killing Grounds remains to be seen. This has serious potential to be an excellent series.


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