Prophet of Marathon, by Bob Waldner 

Whatever you think you might know about how this novel ends, unless you’ve read it, toss it out the window. Right now. It leads the reader in one direction and then veers sharply away from a predictable course. Prophet of Marathon had one of the most satisfying endings.

Most of the appreciation comes from the storytelling. James narrates the series of events in the manner of one who’s managed to distance himself from disappointment in his life. Yet his tone maintains some level of brevity and a subtle irony. While his family pressures him to make a real life for himself, James resists. He has no clue what he wants to do. Then he gets tangled up in a scheme that will set him up for life. As you can imagine, that doesn’t go well.

The author chose to break away from many stereotypes and tropes that follow this genre. It follows a realistic interpretation of what would happen regarding his circumstances, rather than a Hollywood tale. There’s only a handful of characters to keep track of. It keeps things simple, and it allows for James’ development to be streamlined. Which wound up being the main focus of the narrative. Some of the development was reserved for those closest to James, leading to a lot of interesting little life lessons peppered throughout.

James’ voice brought the narrative to life, but it was the series of events and the way they played out that really made the story. There was plenty of foreshadowing leading up. And yet it still remained quite the mystery. No matter how many times James gets knocked down, he gets right back up and powers forward. He maintains an aura of charisma and determination that help facilitate his cause. I liked his interactions with other characters. They were meaningful and served to move the plot forward.

And, man, the twists that punctuate this narrative. The part I find comical was the fact that they’re twists because they go against the grain. When Hollywood would have a pivotal positive moment dropped into the main characters’ lap, Prophet of Marathon did no such thing. All these events led up to the well-constructed ending.

I enjoyed this novel from beginning to end. The author did a great job not only setting the stage, but executing it as well. Pacing, characterization, and writing style all held up fabulously. Step inside, the scheme of the century awaits.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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