Desperados, by Verge Le Noir

The entire time I was reading this, I tried to decide whether Julio Roman was the luckiest or unluckiest guy alive. A simple crossover into the US turned into a botched mess that nearly ruined everything. The circumstances that continue to haunt him during his journey will have the reader saying: “give the kid a break!”

Desperados is face-paced, and full of action. When describing the difficulties Julio faces, the author keeps things real and uncensored. It helped make character emotions a bit more expressive. It made them raw, more impactful. The reader gets treated to lifelike reactions.

I really liked the characterization. While they weren’t necessarily completely three-dimensional, they had a certain fullness to them. The interactions were great, and it gave an excellent insight into what we perceive to be the struggle of an immigrant. Novel tone felt dark and gritty, even thought it really wasn’t. There were some bad circumstances, however, Julio kept his head up throughout everything.

I have to say this one stands out a bit. Instead of embracing stereotypes, the author gets creative with them and tells a tale not often told. It was a good, solid story that didn’t sugar coat much. I liked that a lot.

Buy it here!


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