Live to Tell, by Livian Grey 

People think writing is easy. That being an author is simple. But Stephen’s life is far from such. While trying to reconcile things with his wife and daughter, he ends up in the kind of situation he couldn’t imagine writing about. He becomes the star of his own gritty crime-filled drama.

I liked the way the conflict was set up for a few different reasons. Reason one: Stephen and his family are going through a tough time, emotionally. However, there was never a feeling of absolute hatred or even animosity within the family. They were taking care of their problems like adults–something that I don’t see often.

Reason two: the circumstances felt like a redemption arc, and not just for Stephen and his family. While they were certainly tied in, yes, just desserts were also served for the remainder of the conflict.

Writing style and tone were suited to the narrative. The story progressed in a well-timed way. Dialogue served as the majority storyteller. That was great and well done, but I felt like description lacked just a bit. I liked the diversity that was included with character personalities, and the extra attention paid to the women.

This was kind of a quick, heartbreaking read. What makes things worse is that there are parallels to real-life events.

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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