Misaligned: The Celtic Connection, by Armen Pogharian

7_15_17 Misaligned TCC


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I love the idea of pairing children with anything to do with magic, or mysticism, or fantastical things like that . They’re so curious and open to the world that hasn’t turned them cold and bitter. They’re more receptive to the idea that they might be a wizard, or have special powers. It saves the whole denial part of becoming a hero and allows for something else.



Young Penny has an interesting array of abilities at her disposal. Between her, her friend Duncan, and her science teacher, she has to face down spiritual forces that want her out of the way.



A bizarre science fiction spin on magic, King Arthur, and multiple dimensions, Misaligned: The Celtic Connection draws a lot from Welsh and Celtic culture. I liked how they were blended together. The way things were structured and explained made sense, and didn’t feel like an extraordinary stretch.



Characterization was pretty good. The relationship dynamic between Penny and Duncan was nice. Dialogue didn’t ever feel too clunky. The tone made sense for a character of her age. The climax felt a little flat. Things wrapped up nicely, however, and prepared the reader for a sequel.
Not a bad little young adult read. Certainly imaginative, with a fair amount of originality.



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