Lucky Duck Cola, by Stephen Puiia

Lucky Duck Cola was a bit all over the place. The premise is told through a Humaniac slave to an incredibly powerful, overly masculine man. It’s meant to be satirical over some current political issues like racial divide, and I see what it was going for, but quite a bit of polishing is needed. 

A new world was created to fit the narrative, a very futuristic world. However it’s not explained well. Everyone floats and there’s no explanation until the end. Trying to get a grasp on technology and the is a difficult task. Things move along at a rapid pace, and it feels like things are happening mostly at random. There’s no buildup or alluding to much of anything beyond his relationship. 

I liked the over-the-top way character creation was handled. They reflected well the extreme sides of things like toxic masculinity and segregation. There was a bit of depth for the characters and a bit more development than I expected there to be. 

I see the idea, and I like what the novel touches on. However, there’s some work that needs to be done to give things a little more definition so the reader doesn’t feel quite so lost. 

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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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