Trouble at Riverside Academy, by Liam Moiser

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Rachel’s pretty happy at Riverside Academy. Her and her boyfriend, Benjamin, are prefects, they’re about to graduate…life couldn’t be better. That all changed when one man walked onto campus with sinister intent.

Very well-rounded for a short story. Plot felt full and complete, with a good cast of characters. I loved the relationship between Rachel and Ben. It was a healthy, normal relationship. They had their differences, but they were solved in a mature way. A good idea to convey for readers of all ages. It managed to send powerful messages about lying and bad behavior, which made me think that this is geared for a younger audience.

The only thing I really had a problem with was the antagonists abrupt personality changes. I understand why it was done, but the execution and explanation felt a little flimsy. Almost as an afterthought.

Life’s not always easy, even when things are going your way. This book served as a good reminder for that, as well as reminding readers that they’re not alone. An easy, quick read that’s still satisfying.
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