Dawn of the Dreamer, by L. J. Higgins 

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It’s rare to see the first novel in a series wrap everything up nice and neat without giving a teaser as to what’s going to happen next. Sure, the reader has a good idea of who’s going to be involved, but literally left guessing as to the capacity. 
Amelia is Dreamer, and I don’t mean her head’s in the clouds. She’s one of few that maintains uncontrolled dreams, as compared to the rest of the population. With the creation of Wristcuffs, people are supposed to enjoy a better life. It allows the wearers dreams to be controlled, feeding them subliminal messages like in that episode of Futurama. Because that doesn’t work on Amelia, she’s an outcast. There’s something wrong with her. And, as with any technology, I’m sure you can already see the downside and how it’s used in the conflict. 
Pretty standard when it comes to futurism. Predictable route of one corporation with a monopoly on controlling the populace. While straightforward with its formula, I did like the Dreamer/Non-Dreamer dynamic. It added a nice extra layer of depth to the conflict. 
There were a lot of characters I really liked. Most of them, in a few different ways, served the plot well. What made me kind of sad, however, is that this novel ran into a problem that many seem to with a woman as the main character. While she’s interesting and well-written, it feels like her purpose is only to further the plot of other characters. She’s always being saved. She’s dependent on other people. Now, I’m not saying that’s a terrible thing in moderation. Amelia, as the main character, felt like a bystander in her own story. Just a catalyst. There’s good development there, and great potential, it just didn’t feel maximized for this novel. 
There were a few other inconsistencies littered throughout. Some of them felt like good, natural progression, but the time jump left information out. Especially towards the middle/end of the novel. They’re noticeable, but not deal-breaking. The rest of the story flowed well, and I really liked the fact that things were wrapped up completely at the end, but the reader knows that it’s not really the end. They know something more is coming, just not how it’s going to play out. I think that was very well done. 
All in all, not bad. The narrative itself was well-written. It’s piqued my interest enough that I’m genuinely interested in reading the next one and seeing where things go. 

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