I Have a Friend on Jupiter, by Celine Rose Mariotti

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The idea of kids having pen pals in space is quite the adorable one. Rather creative, as well. Carlos and Indiana think it’s pretty cool, too. So cool, in fact, that the aliens decide to visit. When that happens, things start to go horribly wrong. 
The writing style and simplistic dialogue make this definitely feel geared towards a younger audience. Given the fact that the kids are twelve, I liked how that worked out. Things were fairly predictable and straightforward. The attitudes of the kids and their open mindedness was a strong representation of how some things are taught. 
The climax fell a bit short. Giving the aliens certain abilities made things a little too easy. I understand why it was done, but perhaps involving the children a little more would have spiced it up a bit. 
The entire thing was well-written, and I think it will hit the target audience. There was a continuity issue or two, and some things being resolved a little too easy made the ending a tad disappointing, but overall it wasn’t a bad story. There were certainly some positive messages in there that I think the younger audience would be able to pick up on. 
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