Tainted Blood, by Nina Hobson

9_7_17 Tainted Blood



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Horror stories are often bizarre creatures. Given their subject matter, they’d have to be, right? Tainted Blood started bizarre, slowly started making sense, and then got bizarre again.


Angie and her best friend Ron get into an off-limits room while her parents are away. What they stir up puts them right in the middle of a creature’s plan for the greatest sacrifices. Outsmarting it becomes their only option.


What’s interesting to note is the younger age of the kids. Most horror novels revolve around adults, with children usually as the terror. This one flips a classic formula upside down. I liked that.


Things were a little hard to follow in the beginning. Once it got going, things smoothed out. I was a fan of the ending. Very clever, very well done. That being said, things up until that point weren’t very scary. Creepy, yes. A heart-pounding thriller…not so much. There’s some editing needed. A bit more focus needed to be put on the language and sentence structure to heighten the readers’ anticipation.


It’s not the best horror novella, but it’s also not the worst. There were creative elements in there that I was a big fan of. With a little extra work, I think this could really be a good series.


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