Getting Gay, by Bryce Hunter

Things aren’t always as they seem, and this novel really takes that to heart. From beginning to end it was full of surprises, taking directions I didn’t see coming. 
Hearing tales of the Mormon church in Utah, I had to check this out. The stunning accuracy of Mormon family life made this feel like a memoir. Noah’s growing up, and his strict upbringing is clashing with his growth and development as a child. This novel really leans into the “prejudices are taught” line of thinking and I liked how it was demonstrated. 
There was plenty of conflict to go around, both internal and external. Noah’s pressures to fit in at school, church, and home lead him down an almost self-destructive path. Regardless of anything else however, I was happy to see that he was shown with an okay support group. Something many people lack because of said prejudices, but this demonstrates that those can be set aside to help someone out. 
I was a little confused as to why, in one household, a certain lifestyle was perfectly normal and acceptable, when this character continually bashed on another lifestyle. That’s the only part in the novel that didn’t really make sense, though I’m glad the differing lifestyles were included. 
As I said before, this novel is full of surprises and the ending was the biggest. I was a big fan. Noah’s character development from kid to adult was stellar, and I enjoyed the finale conflict resolutions. There was almost a spiritual feel to it. 
Overall an excellent, and different, read. Wonderful characters and development, beautiful storytelling, and it’s able to surprise the reader. Well done. 
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Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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