Odinsmal: Rise of Jotunheim, by Sammy Zakaria

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The Jotun are slowly taking over their lands. After a failed ambush, Odin and the few remaining survivors flee. Once seeking refuge, they find themselves in the hold of a plot bigger than they could have imagined—especially for Odin.


There’s a lot that went on at the beginning; a battle scene to immediately take the readers’ breath away and keep them turning pages. Yet, somehow it fell short of the desired effect. Don’t get me wrong—the opening was still interesting. It just didn’t have that hyped-up feeling the should have had. The author hits with a lot of tension, drama, and emotional situations all up front. While the action felt bland, the connections with the characters was immediate.


There was quite a bit of redundancy and telling in the writing style. Since it was told through third person omniscient, readers were granted access to the thoughts and feelings of all the characters rather than just the main. Oftentimes characters would think their feelings in their head (“I’m not a hero”), and then say it out loud to whatever audience they had. I think one or the other would have sufficed to get the point across. That was the biggest opportunity for editing that I saw, but it wasn’t the only thing.


I felt like the plot didn’t really take off until the end, but that was alright for the most part. The last quarter of the book really focused on Odin and why he was important, whereas the rest of the novel focused on a multitude of people—all of whom were important to the story. Things took an interesting turn and it made me want to continue the series. I was finally excited for Odin and his adventures. I think things are going to pick up in following novels, while this one was mainly used to just set the scope of everything up. Still certainly worth a read.


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