The Skin Room, by Morgan Fleetwood

Step inside the mind of a young man that has a slight obsession with skin. The look of it. The feel of it. But alas, things never go as planned, and he ends up on the run for a set of very coincidental circumstances.

Given the style of the novel, there was a lot of time spent inside Alex’s head. He was at least an entertaining narrator, but I do wish there was just a bit more external interaction to break up some of the monotony. Dialogue was on point as a good indicator of character personalities. They were noticeably differently from one another.

I liked the fact that the author made him very fallible—a first timer into the world of the macabre, if you will. Things are made more gripping by the fact that he made mistakes and everything that he planned for got derailed. It showed his character, as well as show a spark of creativity.

The story itself is compelling, and I liked how the author developed the main character. Alex was different and it really helped things along. Violence was used in appropriate amounts and never really felt overly gratuitous. Not a bad read.

Author: Book Reviews Anonymous

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