Megan’s Munchkins, by Pamela Foland

This was an incredibly cute tale of a young girl learning responsibility, as well as the fact that every action has consequences, no matter how good the intent.

Megan really wants a pet. Her parents don’t think she’s responsible enough yet. Megan finds some abandoned kittens, so what does she do? Takes them home, of course! Now the race is on to prove that she can be responsible before her parents find out.

There were many, many good messages to young adults contained within the book. The writing style was age-appropriate for the target audience. It seemed like a good book to read with parents, too. In fact, I think there were lessons that even parents could learn from it regarding how to handle situations such as that. I really liked the communication between parents and Megan. Things felt realistic.

The story was complete and the resolution was one that left readers satisfied all the way around.

Pepper, Pumpkin, and the Magical Pajamas: Pumpkin is Missing, by Rita Madison

5_11_17 PP Magical PJs

4 stars

We all know pajamas are awesome. But did you know that they’re magical, too? Pepper sure knows.
But, poor Pepper’s lost her cat, Pumpkin. She’s so sad. She looks everywhere for her best friend! Alas, poor Pumpkin remains missing. What will Pepper do?
Easy to read and well-illustrated, Pepper, Pumpkin, and the Magical Pajamas is a cute kids book. It encourages kids to ask for help when they need it. They’re also encouraged not to give up, no matter how sad they are. It also demonstrates loving relationships between characters.
The only thing I didn’t like was how the narrative jumped to the past, when Pepper first got her cat. It felt disjointed and out of place. Shook me out of the story. I almost think it fits better as the beginning, rather than the middle. There’s a little editing needed. It still reads well, regardless.
It has a cute story. I enjoyed the resolution, as well as the events that lead to it. There was humor in the right places. Characters were likeable. The story itself has appeal. And adults might like it because it doesn’t have quite the same formula as many children’s books do. And, it’s the first in a series.
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Busy Dizzy, by Dr. Orly Katz 




Busy Dizzy, by Dr. Orly Katz is an absolute wonderment of a bedtime story for children. It shows children (and even adults) how to dispel those constant nagging, negative thoughts (known as Dizzys) that continually hold someone back. It’s designed to instill confidence in both children and adults alike through cute little rhyming narrations. I think this would be a fantastic way to plant those subliminal messages in a child’s mind that they can overcome things like shyness, anger, or embarrassment all by themselves.

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