A Guardian Falls, by Rebecca Tran

12_6_17 A Guardian Falls

4 stars


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Fulfilling prophecies seems to be Mara’s talent in life as she becomes the Rashade’ of legend and continues to defy the role set forth by her gender. She returns with a familiar cast of characters in the final showdown with Laran.

The writing style is consistent between both novels, as are the characters. However, with the way that the recaps are paced, the reader might spend a little time wondering how things got to where they are if they haven’t read the first novel.

Thankfully the relationships were already established in the first one, so the timelines for their progression made little difference in this one. Things didn’t move too fast or slow.

While most series tend to aim for a trilogy to share their whole story and characters, A Guardian Falls was a two-parter. There was a lot of information contained within both of them. It never felt like an overload or “too much.” The world felt complete and constant. Everything felt wrapped up nice, except for maybe one little thing. Attention to detail certainly showed.

There’s a small amount of technical editing to be done, but the story was solid. It climaxed and resolved in a manner that made sense and was consistent with the fantasy genre. It was a relatively predictable ending that didn’t detract from the overall narrative.

It was a standard fantasy novel that did quite a bit to challenge traditional gender roles. I liked that very much. It empowered women, and those tradition challenges—while simple—made a powerful statement without starting controversy.

As far as series go, this is a good one to pick up. A blend of traditional and nontraditional fantasy that is well put-together and consistent from start to finish.

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