The Man Who Loved His Dog, by Jerry Rondelay

The Boy Who Loved His Dog felt like a juvenile fairytale. Not quite young adult, but not so much a kids book either. Sort of in the area of like the Babysitters Club or maybe even Nancy Drew-type age groups.

Comparing it to the tale of Aladdin would be most appropriate, I think. Except without the genie and set in ancient Sumer. A young prince escapes a hostile takeover of his kingdom and takes up refuge in an oasis with a dog. He’s safe…for now.

The uniqueness of the setting was nice. I can’t say I’ve read a book set in ancient Mesopotamia. The author does well to provide some background to familiarize the reader with the culture. It still felt like a standard medieval-type kingdom, economy, and way of life.

The narrative itself was pretty standard. Easily predicable while still being relatively enjoyable. The ending made me think of the Battle of Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings. Writing style was simplistic. Humorous and lofty, while still being very direct.

It wasn’t the most original story, but it still had its good points. The bond between Azira and his dog was an enviable one, serving to prove that humans aren’t always the best companions.
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