Love Your Life, by Cheryl Marks Young

5_2_17 Love Your Life

4 stars


Love Your Life is a straightforward self-help book. While the title should be a dead giveaway, the purpose is to help you feel like your life has purpose. A reason to get out of bed every morning, something so many lack.
It breaks things down into a literal step-by-step. It starts in the head, and works it’s way to the physical world. It breaks things down further with easy-to-understand analogies and real life “testimonies.” I put the word in quotations because it doesn’t offer quotes from the client. It’s the author’s retelling of the story that we get.
The end of every chapter comes with a little section to fill out. A visual and engagement aid that allows the reader to get involved.
My only real issue is that it takes the same pitfall most self-help books take. Now, this doesn’t apply to the entire book. There’s lots of content that doesn’t assume this. But, it assumes the reader has money. Without offering alternatives, certain key points get emphasized with “my client hired.” That is not a reality nor an option for lots of people. I know it’s difficult to target all audiences. It’s not realistic. Which is why I’m thankful it happened very little. It still allowed for a broad target audience.
Think I’m gonna try it. What could go wrong?
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Review of Elaine Pereira’s “I Will Never Forget”

Elaine Pereira’s novel, I Will Never Forget, is hands down one of the most beautiful and poignant memoir I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.

I Will Never Forget follows one mother’s spiraling journey into dementia through her loving daughters’ eyes. Pereira gives you the good and the bad, the before and after, to help you connect with her mother as a person, versus someone suffering from a debilitating illness. She gives you relevant “befores” in the form of memories from her childhood in which her mother was healthy and teaching her daughter the life lessons she would need later. The “afters” are successively sad recounts of moments where her mother, Betty, went from being a voracious and active woman to someone who couldn’t remember where she put her Cochlear processor.

Her jumps in time are seamlessly blended together, well-paced, and they take you on a rollercoaster of emotions the whole way through. You get a little giggle of warmth in your belly when Betty is helping her daughter care for an abandoned baby bunny. The later on, your stomach drops and you’re left mystified, horrified and a little angry when Pereira finds out that—through hospital negligence—Betty was left outside, bruised from a fall, in twenty-degree weather wearing nothing but a bathrobe!

Very rarely do I find a book I can find little to no fault with, and I’m very happy to say that I Will Never Forget certainly falls into that category. I honestly cannot say a single bad thing about this novel. Except for maybe the fact that I didn’t get to read it sooner.

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