No Review Today

Sorry, guys. No review today. Trying to play catch up and put myself ahead after work tore me down a bit this week 🙂 
Tomorrow’s review will be the written portion for the audio critique subject. This is one that my husband and I are collaborating on, and I’m really excited for it. We’ve gotten a handful of volunteers, so it should certainly prove to be a challenge. One that we’re both looking forward to. 

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I also have a Patreon. Haven’t done a whole lot of advertising for it, simply because the content is in development. I don’t expect much to come of it just yet, but it’s there if you want to check it out!

Thank you all so much for being here with me on this journey. None of this would be possible without your support. I only hope my future plans do you as much justice as you’ve done me! 

Achievement Unlocked: Newsletter is Live



Thank you so much to those who have subscribed. This wouldn’t be possible without you. This is a huge step–not just for me, personally, but professionally.

Inside are featured reviews, as well as an Author Spotlight. Which, you may have noticed, is now a new tab on the home page. Can’t read it? That’s because only newsletter recipients have the password to unlock it! Sign up on the homepage or right here!

There’s also a local convention coming up that’s doing a book exchange. A sci-fi and fantasy exchange. One lucky author will have their book bought and exchanged at the con. Sign up for the newsletter to learn how to enter!

Achievement Unlocked

After trial-and-error (and a lot of quality time with Google), the signup sheet for the newsletter is live. Somehow, even amidst the utter disasters that were my first, second, and third attempts, I gained a few subscribers. I can’t write it off as a total loss.

It’s on the front page! Check it out.

there it is!
In addition, the newsletter is almost done. I’m aiming for a tentative release date of Monday, June 5th. Sign up now for an exclusive opportunity!

There should also be a few more additions coming to the site soon.

Baby steps. Aw ye 🙂