Gold Leafing, by Hannah A’enene

Poetry is a popular form of expression. Let me tell you, this is the most expressive collection of poetry I’ve come across yet.

Everything from observations of people milling about, to sex, to relationships—the author is blatant and straightforward with what they mean. Yet it’s done in a rhythmic way with lots of imagery. This collection starts with a bang and continues on from there.

Sidewalk Stories, by Francis DiClemente

Sidewalk Stories took the reader on a guided, observational tour of New York through the eyes of the author. As far as poetry went, the ebb and flow of the words read more like annotated journal entries. It was free-form without much rhythm. All the entries told a story, which was very nice. It was clean, well-written, and overall not bad.

Twilight Scrawls, by Kirstin Maguire

4_30_17 Twilight Scrawls



One of the brighter books of poetry out there. Structured much in the way of Shel Silverstein, most of the poems have powerful messages. Like any poem, each Twilight Scrawl contains heavy metaphors. They were of varying levels, some easier to picture than others. The author does well to mix up the imagery and the subjects without going overboard. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone write an Ode to William Blake before, so many points in creativity. Instead of focusing on emotions only, most of the poems tell a complete story. Some are only a few lines, some are a few pages, but they’re not monotonous.


Twilight Scrawls is also much longer than most poetry books are. Especially those written by one author. Poems have different rhyme schemes to keep the reader interested. Not only the traditional “ABAB” that schools teach, either. I’m no poetry expert, but there are some Poe and Shakespeare vibes in the arrangements.


Errors were nonexistent. Formatting itself was tight and solid.


All in all, a nice, relaxing book of a poems. They varied in subject matter, structure, and imagery. Feels very traditional, but that’s not a bad thing in this area. Definitely worth the time to read.


There is currently no listing on Amazon for this author. However, you can check out her website and other works right here!