Chasing Evolution, by Roy T. James 

Sounding more like a textbook or scientific journal, Chasing Evolution takes on the subject of current sexual practices and standards. What are the scientific reasons behind them? Where in the evolutionary chain did humans start these? 
The wording is heavy, and at times, convoluted. Remember when I said it sounds like a journal? It’s jargon-heavy and sometimes difficult to follow. The way the information gets broken up in the narrative enhances that. The book’s divided into chapters depending on thesis. It doesn’t help the flow of the points the author’s trying to make. 
The author provides examples to their points using the animal kingdom and general human society. Sometimes they seem relevant. The ones involving the animal kingdom did, at least. I’m still undecided as to my opinion about the others. They occasionally came off as “women are the root of this,” at least when taken in the context of the modern world. It seemed like psychological and societal factors were more of the intended reasoning. I’m not saying that was the authors intent, however. Perhaps it was just the language. 
I still have mixed feelings about this novel. I like the idea. The execution method could be adjusted for a wider audience. 
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