The Science of Success, by Paula Caproni

What does it mean to be successful? Why are some more successful than others? What can we change about our lives in order to achieve the same level of success as, say, someone born with opportunity?

I can’t really call this a self-help book, but it kinda is. It’s more like a textbook on success, with some self-reflection at the end. It’s an easy read, well-organized, and full of useful information. The author has pulled many studies on the subject to support their words, and all works are cited. Multiple angles of success are used in examples, as well as more than one way of achieving it.

I think this is a good read for anyone in management, anyone who works with people on a regular basis, or just anyone who needs a little extra encouragement that hope for success isn’t lost.

Social Media: Strategies to Mastering Your Brand, by David Kelly

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To be honest, there’s no way I can do this review without sounding like a sellout. So here we go: I’m just going to sound like a sellout.

A lot of self-help books and marketing guides out there that profess big money if you follow their step-by-step instructions. Then said instructions are frustratingly convoluted about their process, and most of it is fairly common sense. They’re “tips and tricks” that are common knowledge in the vaguest way. That’s one of the first things that makes this book stand out: it doesn’t try to sell you with the promise of big bucks or a “get rich quick scheme.”

The second thing that stands out is the level of detail, organization, and the general breakdown of each platform they mention. It even gives examples of things to make the tasks easier. There’s helpful links (in the Kindle version, at least). The author’s tone manages to sound like they know what they’re talking about without being a salesperson.

It flowed well, it made sense, and the topics were relevant to the current headings. I actually managed to garner a few new ideas , which is not something I can usually say. I was actually pretty impressed with how this one was laid out.

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Parenting at Your Best, by Roni Wing Lambrecht

6_13_17 Parenting at Your Best.jpg

4 stars


There’s a lot of parenting self-help books out there. I feel as though many of them are a little lofty. Setting expectations too high, or presenting goals that reflect ideals from television. Parenting at Your Best, however, feels very humbled, very down-to-earth. The parenting tips in there are simple, yet sensible. Respect is a big theme, and I think that’s where a lot of parents fail. They treat their child as property instead of someone to be included. Differences of opinions will inevitably happen (both with children and some of the tips mentioned), but Parenting at Your Best does offer some sound advice. I liked their approach.


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Love Your Life, by Cheryl Marks Young

5_2_17 Love Your Life

4 stars


Love Your Life is a straightforward self-help book. While the title should be a dead giveaway, the purpose is to help you feel like your life has purpose. A reason to get out of bed every morning, something so many lack.
It breaks things down into a literal step-by-step. It starts in the head, and works it’s way to the physical world. It breaks things down further with easy-to-understand analogies and real life “testimonies.” I put the word in quotations because it doesn’t offer quotes from the client. It’s the author’s retelling of the story that we get.
The end of every chapter comes with a little section to fill out. A visual and engagement aid that allows the reader to get involved.
My only real issue is that it takes the same pitfall most self-help books take. Now, this doesn’t apply to the entire book. There’s lots of content that doesn’t assume this. But, it assumes the reader has money. Without offering alternatives, certain key points get emphasized with “my client hired.” That is not a reality nor an option for lots of people. I know it’s difficult to target all audiences. It’s not realistic. Which is why I’m thankful it happened very little. It still allowed for a broad target audience.
Think I’m gonna try it. What could go wrong?
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