Review of Mord McGhee’s ‘Ghosts of San Francisco’

Mord McGhee’s Ghosts of San Francisco is an action-packed, terrifying thriller of what very well could be our own technological future. Death dealing gang members with implants and enhancements that make them nigh impossible to kill, complete takeovers of the private sector by large companies, murder, betrayal…Ghosts of San Francisco has it all.

It has a unique tone in that some of the story is told through recorded transcripts, and then takes you on a wild ride through what actually happened with brilliant character development. Just enough of the world is given to you through the story, and then leaves much to the imagination—which helps create a more horrific image than what you are actually given.

The best part for me? The fact that the main characters were a male/female team, but there was no romantic subplot detracting from the constant action of the novel. Nor is there any overt emphasis on the fact that the female lead is “something special because she’s such-and-such kind of woman.” Not even a tiny bit, which was amazing.

If you want to get a glimpse into where our technologically-based future where no one is safe, then Ghosts is definitely for you. (And it’s the first in a series!)

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